Friday, December 11, 2009

friday mood

times flying too fast...its friday already and wat so special about friday actually???? a simple lady like me, nothing so special...just i will have more time to surfing on internet and now doing tis la..updating my blog:)

During rest @ lunch time like tis, am not really love to going out, just for jalan2 or window shopping. If there is sumting too important then I have too la...Dunno why, since I can sit at office yang aman without riuh (coz most of them will be outing n etc) and the most important is I can keep on surfing and read my favourite forum cari on diet thread to gain my knowledge about healthy tips on weight lost and exercisessss....:)) baca je lebih, tapi buat nye tidak..mana tak my berat statik jeeee...hehh!....

actually i dont want membazir, going out is need more money for parking fees, extra petrol(I ni long distance everyday tau) weakness kalau tengok brg cantik or murah, just beli without thinking...parah tu. Thats why I need to avoid all tis before my habits become worse so I ambil langkah I can easily avoid junk food or fast food yang bakal menggoda di luar sana. I lebih senang pesan sumting yg healthy dengan kawan2 such as buah-buahan or soya bean:) concern lagi...hihihi...just practice wat i had read before thru member2 gojes dlm forum cari punya experienced. Its really help me to discipline myself.

This morning I didn't do any workout at all...just skip it since I wanna sleep more. I am morning person almost everyday, wish I can do it for forever wake up early at 3.50 - 4.00 am on weekdays and by 6.00 or 6.30 am on weekends. On weekdays, working place far from home (its took about 1.5 hours for me to reach office) one way...driving sendiri lagi tu & one day I spend almost 3 hours just on the road. My times too limited...I need to be strong enought to get through all this in my life. I have to ensure my body get enough rest and have quality sleeping time. another reasons why am not workout every single day like others...just ensure that am doing it for 3 to 2.5 hours per week. I dont want to force my body and my spirit becoz I afriad all of them will gone....maka hancur la usaha saya selama ini. I hope I can keep on commited to do this till I can get my dream:)...after that keep on maintain lagi...haiiiyaaa..sudah2 lah verangannnn!

Alright since no workout tis morning :

Here some of my menu for dinner last night....

buah dabai yg sangat sedap...i ter"makan" sampai 20 biji, cant resist la...i knoe high calories....sia2 shj my diet kan:p

maggie curry with egg for my hubby (I didnt touch it at all)

itu hanya gambar sampingan hokay...I did eat sumting healthy....sila baca semlm punya entry(edited already)....hehehe...itu shj okay...

~here lastly gmbr anak2 yang saaannnnggat suka ngan papa diaorang...dapat haku makan dengan aman:)))...kekekeke....


4.30 am = up
= 1 small glass plain water
4.00 am - simple exercise : ~ 20x pumping
~ 20x classic abs crunh
~ 20x bicycle crunch
4.50 am = preapre bekal
5.00 am = poo2 and mandi
= bersiap got o work
7.30 am = breakfast ~ hot lemon tea
~ 1 bowl behoon sup (separuh je coz tak larat nak habis kan mee)
9.30 am = snack ~ 5 tbl spoons of spagethi bolognese
(kwn bagi, mkn sikit le....nanti org kecik ati pula)
10.00 am = plain water almost 1500 ml (minum dari pagi td)
12.30 pm = lunch ~ half bow of mee lee fah kari
~ 1 bowl vege with egg tofu soup
~ few biji of buah dabai again...tetttt!!!...
3.00 pm = plain water again/anlene choc 1 mug
4.30 pm = snack wholemeal bread with peanut butter 1 set
6.00 pm = workout session : ~ JM 2 (plus 20x situp, 20x pushup & 20x bicycle abs crunch)
7.00 pm = dinner : ~ steam fish with cili api + half bowl of sawi soup

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