Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Purpose for 2009 is almost accomplish....& new start of New Year 2010

...salam sejahtera & salam bahagia...

hari ini saya nak buat pengakuan mengenai azam tahun 2009 yg telah tercapai, hampir2 tercapai & belum tercapai....hehehe...sebelum buat azam baru kena flash back apa yg telah berlaku, revise dulu dan ensure ianya relevan dan mampu milik laaa....

~ Be more serious & committed on my work
--> almost done coz sometimes main2 je...he2x
~ forgive everyone for everything...(especially all my colleague & my friends)
-->almost done jugak
~ become good mom to my child (not really perfect yet)
--> almost done..peel anak2 selalu buat temper ku naik...huhuhu
~ become perfect wife and hot girlfriend to my hubby(hubby sahaja)
-->almost done..sometimes bikin laki ku hilang sabar jugak...hehehe
~ to loose weight at least 5kg before end of year(no pain no gain...paling susah nak buat)
-->fuhhh..fully done & most satisfied coz no diet tea, no pills, no supplements & etc...just healthy diet & exercises:))...proud to myself even still long way to go...
~ be more active & change life style to healthy one (to burst up my metabolism)
-->done, dah dpt jogging dgn jayanya...the thing never i do before...bangga giler
~ lebih berjimat cermat..konon...super duper susah nak buat:(
-->dah kaki boros tu boros jugak, susah betul tul nak menyimpan
~ nak buat part time business (brg2 spt kain, tudung, brooch, sayuran, buahan, jajan)
--> done, atleast lepas duit minyak kereta

determine of 2010
~ become more richer...kekeke...(azam nak simpan duit ckit)
~ become good mother & super good wife in my family
~ become good daughter to my parent
~ become good friend, good colleague & good listener to who ever need shoulder to rely on
~ become more alert on my own health to avoid flu and asthma
~ of course to accomplish my diet mission to get my dream & ideal weight...
(there is another more than 10kg to shred away)
~ my new principles >
No matter how i feel...i must get up...i must dress up & i must show up...bole?...hihihi...

since am too busy...i cant keep on nagging here...have to continue doing my my quote & pic of today....:)

"Today is last day of 2009...Move forward to year 2010...

Don't forget the past


Cheers to a New Year


Another Chance for us to get it Right"

~ cheers ~

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